Marathon Swim Plans Update

So far, I’m mostly on track! I looked up some training plans for a marathon swim, and decided that what i need to do is 3-4 swims per week, with one long swim and some shorter swims that incorporate drills and speed work.

I did my first 5km swim last weekend, and I have tested out three different recipes for snacks plus one for drinks. Because staying fuelled and hydrated is at least as important as swimming, right? I’m still working out how often to eat and drink, but right now I’m happy with a bottle of liquid every couple of loops of my route (I take it with me so I can have smaller drinks along the way). Snacks are less frequent, but I like stopping for a couple of peanut butter/oatmeal balls every hour or two.

A friend who has done marathons says I’m on the right track, so that feels good. And my friend Aimee has been bringing out her giant swan to keep boaters away.

White woman in a yellow bathing cap and goggles, with river and a large inflatable white swan in the background

Diane Harper lives and swims in Ottawa.