This is Why … Falling on the Ice May Have Saved My Life (#reblog)

Joanne shared this with me on Twitter and I’m sharing it here in hopes of reaching someone who may need to hear this message about high blood pressure. Joanne O’Meara (she/her) is @NeutronJo on Twitter where she’s a “physicist, professor, writer, science proselytizer, agnostic about clowns, co-founder of” Please read.

Wonder Why

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On an icy cold morning at the end of February, I tentatively headed down the slope behind our house, on my way out for some daily exercise. As I stepped off a retaining wall down to the walkway below, my foot went right out from under me and I crashed down, hard. The small of my back came down on the edge of the six-inch high concrete step as the rest of me landed on the lower level − I experienced the most intense pain I have ever felt. And that includes the drug-free labour and delivery of our first child.

There was no one in the house … no one to hear me scream. No matter how I tried to gingerly move, bolts of searing pain shot through me. I knew I was in trouble, so I sheepishly phoned a friend who raced…

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