How our Words of the Year are Serving Us

Our words of the year

Back in January the bloggers, most of us anyway, chose words of the year. I blogged about our choices here.

And as we approach the halfway mark in the year, I checked in with the group to see how our words are serving us.


“Steady” has held up for me. It helped me through the disappointment of the initial stage of Ontario’s third wave.
I have continued doing all the things I normally do (running, some strength training, indoor cycling, some yoga). Where “steady” fits in, as an explanation, is when I find myself thinking I need to challenge myself (do I want to do a marathon again, do I want to “amp” something up) I am reminded that I should consider why and whether it will benefit me, my state of mind, my overall health, before committing to something. I am often reminded that it is OK to continue what I am doing and be steady.


I still like “FLOW” too. This year has definitely been a year so far of going with the flow. I like to problem solve and have definite plans and make things happen. It’s a big part of who I am. But those strengths haven’t been a good fit for this year of change-Phase 2, Stage 2, orange, red, grey, lockdown, stay at home. Wow! It’s been a ride. My knee surgery hasn’t happened, though I’ve now been waiting forever, and so instead I’m controlling what I can and living my best life with painful knees. So much physio. I feel like it’s been a year for Aikido and going where the winds are taking us, rather than resisting. I’ve been working to make things work for me, in the ways that I can. Constant change at work and at home. Thanks pandemic for teaching me to go with the flow.


Ohhh yes. Rest is working for me! Epic naps! Chilling on my porch!
Going to bed the same time every night!


Hold fast has been working well for me. When I encounter change or uncertainty, I have found it helpful to hold fast to my values and use them as a lens to guide me forward. Hold fast reminds me I can still be focused while moving forward.


Enough–yesterday a.m. I woke up with the self-critic in full swing. She hadn’t been so loud in a long time. But … once she’d said her piece, she was willing to step aside. She’d said her piece. That was enough. Which meant that I could continue to live in enough-ness. Yay!


Awake is really working for me. In fact, I’m in awake overdrive. This is happening in part through the effects of daily meditation. I can’t hide or snooze through experiences; instead I feel like life is happening in bolder relief. From food to family, whatever I’m doing or feeling, it’s with my eyes wide open.


I’m really using my word MINDFULNESS to keep me aware in several areas: eating (I apparently pop lots of food into my mouth for no reason at all), breathing (I’ve become aware that I hold my breath when I’m stressed), and awareness of the thoughts that run in the background of my mind and set the tone for my days (lots of old ideas and attitudes that I don’t even believe but they have an impact if I’m not conscious of them and challenging them). So I’m really pleased I picked “mindfulness” because it’s helping me beyond when I’m just meditating.


Consistent was absolutely the right word for me for this year. I’m not trying to suggest that I have achieved perfect consistency but paying attention to how consistent I have been has been useful.

For me, the important thing is not about trying to be consistent in the sense of doing something every day, it’s about consistently returning to my plan, even when things have gone awry.

So far, so good!

Did you choose a word of the year? What was it? How’s it working out so far for you?

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