Mixed feelings about high fashion cycling gear (#reblog, #blogluv)

It’s spring when a cyclist’s heart starts thinking about NEW CYCLING KIT. And all the ads in my social media newsfeed are for cycling clothing. I wrote this a few years ago and I guess I still have mixed feelings about fashion and cycling gear. How about you? Any new cycling clothing purchases planned for spring and summer 2021? Let us know in the comments.


As readers of this blog know, I own a lot of bike jerseys. Most of them are team kit and they’re covered in sponsors’ logos. They’re race fitted and not the most attractive garments on the planet. Function over form, etc etc.

You might not know that as an academic, as a feminist philosopher, I’ve written a couple of papers on politics and fashion. See Fashion and Sexual Identity, or Why Recognition Matters and “Those Shoes Are Definitely Bicurious”: More Thoughts on the Politics of Fashion.

So I confess I was a bit torn when this story made its way through my various social media newsfeeds, Our Favorite Indie Bike Apparel Companies. Some great clothing there. I think fashion matters and it’s interesting, especially when connected to specific identities–such as bisexual, or cyclist, and so I’m intrigued by the idea of fashionable cycling clothing. I think it’s connected to…

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