Fitness: It’s for the birds …

Today is World Migratory Bird Day. You know, those flying creatures with feathers. I’m not a birder but I am very fond of the wee yellow finches that show up every year in my garden. They remind me spring has finally arrived and the trails are open for walking, or running, or both. However, other birds not so much.

The gif above accurately sums up my experiences with birds while enjoying some outdoor fitness. I’ve been pooped on twice, which I have been told is lucky. I am not sure why. Bird poop is weirdly liquid and solid at the same time.

My truly horrific bird experience occurred when a pigeon landed on my head as I was heading homeward after an epic trail walk. I didn’t know what hit me. It wasn’t until the pigeon dug its feet into my ponytail trying to stay steady that I realized there was a freaking bird on my head.

Did I stay calm? Nope. I brought my heart rate back up to stratospheric heights as I was flailing around. The bird was flapping like crazy (and goodness, wings whacking at your head hurt like the dickens too). At some point, I realized I had shrieked as various people came to my aid.

The bird finally flapped away, taking my dignity with it. I still go walking but I keep a wary eye out for our feathered neighbours. I’m pretty sure I wear this look on my face.

The image shows an eagle walking determinedly on a beach with text above it saying: Me going on a stupid little daily walk for my stupid physical and mental health.

Have an excellent weekend and if you can, get out, enjoy the world, and watch out for birds.