If Diets Don’t Work, Then What? (#NoDietDay, #reblog, #BlogLuv)

Tomorrow is #NoDietDay. What’s that all about? International No Diet Day is an annual celebration of body acceptance, including fat acceptance and body shape diversity. It was started in 1992 and has its roots in eating disorder recovery movements. In anticipation of the actual day, I’m sharing Tracy’s post from a few years back about alternatives to dieting.


Strong WomenOne of our favorite things about the blog is the way it has generated conversation and a sense of community.   We enjoy hearing from people, not least of which because we’ve had generous comments for the most part. Once in awhile, however, someone calls us on something. That’s okay too. Debate is good. We’re philosophers, and, as Sam said, that’s how we roll.

I was called out just last week when a regular commenter said that I spend a lot of time repeating that diets don’t work, but I don’t offer anything hopeful or helpful. Craig said, “if this blog is about getting fit and healthy, and not simply about “fat acceptance” – give us some clue as to how obese people can lose a lot of fat in a healthy way and keep it off for reasons pertaining to health, as opposed to just reminding us of the…

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