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Nicole writes, “Twitter can be a great source of information. Many of us are drawn to it for information from doctors, journalists and just funny (and sometimes angry) people. But, right now it’s good to try to minimize it, so as not to spend too much time doomscrolling, particularly in the third wave of lockdowns in Ontario. Today I’ve been successful avoiding some of it by getting lost in a 60 min climb on my indoor bike and focussing on a school assignment that’s due this week. What’s working for you? Reblog of my previous post on Alternatives to Doomscrolling”.


I am addicted to my phone. No doubt about it. I start my morning by checking all the usual social media, including the newsfeed app built in to all of our phones. Most of it’s not a downer. But there are the obvious offenders – Covid-19 – big announcement of the day! and how much life has changed indefinitely; Trump/US Election/the end of democracy as we know it; Climate Change; fires; other ways we can get sick or die, besides Covid; the economy; another icon has died; and so on. The news often scream out for a meditation break.

A cartoon (from NY Times) of a woman in a red top and black pants in a seated meditation pose.

I am a practical person. So I am not looking to cut out doomscrolling completely. How else will I have interesting things to talk about during virtual coffee breaks with colleagues?…

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