Bring on the sun! It’s spring!

I know there are disagreements about time change and daylight savings. FWIW, I’m pro daylight savings and love long evening summers and safe home from work bike commuting. I might be talked into keeping DST year round but I would hate to give it up altogether. But that’s not the song I’m here to sing today.

Instead, I want to note that the days are getting longer and we’re just now hitting the 50% daylight mark. There’s as much daylight as dark in my part of the world.

Sun rise at 7:38 am and sunset at 7:40 pm.

Sunrise over water

Even on cold days now I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and I’m plotting and planning days on the beach and swimming. Spring is definitely here!

We’ve booked a 160 km bike trip on the Lake Simcoe Loop in June. We’ve made plans to help take Jeff’s boat up the Rideau canal in May. Here’s his plan for the year. We’re going on another great canoe adventure in Algonquin in July. We’re also starting to think about racing the Snipe some weeknights. We’ve been in touch about backyard personal training for spring and summer.

Yes, the pandemic is far from over. Yes, there’s a lot of hard work ahead.

But the sun is back, longer days are here, and I can’t wait to spend more time outside.

If you’re in my part of the world, emerging from a cold, dark winter, how are you feeling about the warmer, lighter days ahead?

2 thoughts on “Bring on the sun! It’s spring!

  1. Going to disagree with you here. I detest daylight savings–it’s hard enough to wake up early on standard time.

    1. For me it’s all about evening bike riding! Safe bike commuting. A narrow set of priorities I know.

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