A gif of Lizzy the bearded dragon hanging out on my arm. I’m wearing a black sweater and my arm is resting on a wooden table.

That’s Lizzy, my son’s bearded dragon. And in case you were worried that she is a fierce biting creature and that’s blood on her lips, settle down. It’s raspberry juice. Berries are one of her favorite foods.

She’s mostly gentle (unless you’re a worm or a cricket) and seems pretty happy to be handled and hang out with me while I work. Bearded dragons are cold blooded and she seems to like cuddling in close on my sweater or basking under the heat lamp in her tank.

A sign on the highway: “Lizzard warning. 4 AM Saturday to ON Sunday.” A humorous typo.

I’ve been thinking about Lizzy lately as I try to get more movement into my day–not workouts per se, just more regular movement. See Sam tries hourly movement.

Lizzy is different. Her goal sometimes seems to be avoiding movement. Even in pursuit of crickets I love how she waits until they wander near rather than chasing after them.

A bearded dragon with a paper cape staring a laptop with a dragon on the screen. Text reads, “You gotta have dreams.”

Unlike Cheddar, Lizzy doesn’t really play a role in my fitness life. I did blog about lizard pose partly as an excuse to include her in the blog. She has been a great pandemic pet and a boost to my mood. My son Miles and I have been working out together lots and it’s been good to have them both here.

She is an excellent role model for eating–80% of her diet is greens, with occasional fruit and insects.

Lizzy says to eat your vegetables! She is chomping on greens and grape tomatoes.