Bathing suit anxiety: some guesses about why it’s so bad (#reblog, #bloglove)

It’s almost spring. If you have thoughts about beaches and swimming, you might also be thinking about buying a new bathing suit. Like many of us, you might find that stressful. I have some thoughts about why bathing suit body image stress and anxiety is so bad.


vintage swim suitSo I’ve been thinking about bathing suit anxiety ever since writing my recent post on body positivity. It’s a peculiar thing, this angst about bathing suits.

And this is the season in which it all begins.

“Look better on the beach this summer”

“Ten weeks to your new beach body”

“10 exercises to get you beach body ready”

Women’s magazines are full of this.

And friends, even reasonable feminist friends, are skittish about shopping for bathing suits, putting them on, and appearing in public in them.

I was chatting about this recently with friends who admitted they liked they way they looked naked and thought they looked actually good in the right bra and panties. But bathing suits? Shudder.

How can this be?

It took me awhile to find the right sort of bathing suit, one that matches who I am. The bikinis I wear and prefer are athletic…

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