Big women on bikes (#reblog, #bloglove)

I hear from a lot of women (rarely men) that they would love to start riding a bike this spring/summer, after they lose weight. There are worries about frame strength and about being seen in cycling clothes. In this older post I address some of these concerns and sing out the praises of big women on bikes. Life is too short to do keep things on the list of things you’ll do after….


In my recent post about strava and downhill segments, I said it was no big surprise the victories were mine as weight is an advantage downhill and I’m the largest woman out there on a road bike. I don’t think that means I don’t deserve them. After all, being small is an advantage uphill and yet we don’t say the fastest climbers don’t deserve their strava trophies because they’re small.

Here I’m using the bigger/smaller language rather than calling all larger people “fat.”  Language is tricky. See here for why.

I confess I’ve often wondered why you don’t see more women of size on road bikes. Unlike running, cycling isn’t a weight bearing exercise. Your weight isn’t a huge disadvantage when riding on flat roads. Weight does hurt going up hill. Hill climbing is all about power to weight ratio but absent hills, weight doesn’t make a big difference.

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  1. Yay big women on bikes! And yay riding bikes now! As a big woman who’s stayed in a lot during the pandemic and who loves cycling, I know that riding is possible and fun now. I’ll be riding shorter distances and taking breaks (yay coffee rides!) and enjoying time with friends outside.

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