The “covid 19” isn’t funny, it’s fat shaming and fat phobic (#reblog, #bloglove)

We don’t often reblog posts from the same year but this isn’t a normal year. April of 2020 feels like a very long time ago. But I started to think about this post as I read friends’ posts about body shame and anxiety. It’s worse this year I think because it’s the usual spring bikini body angst piled on top of fear of leaving our houses and seeing friends and family in public again. We have wild unstyled hair, often it’s grey. And some of us have gained some weight. Tracy is here to tell you that jokes about the “covid-19” aren’t funny. They don’t help. And they’re fat shaming and fat phobic. Go Tracy! And thanks!


I wasn’t going to blog about this because when I mentioned it on my FB timeline, more than one person commented something along the lines of “people have different senses of humour and we all need outlets in these difficult times.” But if there is one thing that I can’t stand, it’s “jokes” about self-isolation weight gain. Isolation / shelter-in-place weight gain (“the covid 19,” riffing off of the “freshman 15”) has become a hot topic, as people are confined to their homes, possibly moving less and eating more, routines thrown off. There are articles about how to prevent it (with the usual advice, like all the usual advice). There are even quarantine diets.

That’s all fat phobic, fat-shaming, perpetuating harmful diet culture, and triggering for people recovering or recovered from or in the throes of eating disorders. They buy into harmful social ideologies that vilify fat and weight…

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