INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY TOGETHER WE RIDE 2021: A bike ride for equality, inclusion and change (reblog)

We don’t reblog from other blogs very often but this is a super event and right up the alley of the blog. See you out there on International Women’s Day!

Inspyrd Cyclist

International Women’s Day Together We Ride 2021

Saturday, March 6ththrough Monday, March 8th

UseYOUR VOICEwith the bike as a medium for equity, unity and change.

Ride forINCLUSIONandEQUALITYas we all pedal forwardTOGETHER.

What:To celebrate the achievements, persistence and future of women around the world by doing a bike ride in honor of International Women’s Day.Let’s ride together virtually as we strive to promote gender balance in the world, raise awareness against bias and spread the word about this impactful day.International Women’s Day is every year on March 8th.

Dates:Pick the best day/time to ride between Saturday, March 6ththrough Monday, March 8th(note:Monday, March 8this the official International Women’s Day)

Distance:Whatever you want to do, this is completely up to you and your comfort level.Ride 1 mile…10 miles…100 miles…200…

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