If You Stack A Cord of Wood, Do You Still Need to Workout? (#reblog #bloglove)

A couple of weeks ago, a cord of wood was delivered to my driveway. As daunting as it was, it reminded me of this post. As we are re-blogging posts that still resonate for each of us this week, I couldn’t resist looking back at this one. And–that new cord of wood–it was 2.5 hours of stacking! My partner turned out to be busy with phone calls all morning. Once I got started in on the task, I just couldn’t stop. Yes, I’m one of those people who can get obsessed with finishing. I’m not good at, “Oh, I’ll just do a little of this at a time.” So, this year, there wasn’t any question that my wood stacking was it’s own workout. Except … I’d already gone skiing before the cord arrived. Sigh. It’s been two weeks and I think I’m still recovering!


Functional fitness (akafunctional movement) is a thing now. That’s exercises that train our muscles for regular life activities, like squatting to pick up something we’ve dropped, or reaching for something on a high shelf (or even climbing onto the kitchen counter to reach something, as I did a few days ago). But, do our regular life activities support our workouts? Canmovement with a function substitute for a workout?

I asked myself this question a couple of weeks ago, whena cord of wood was dumped in our driveway at 8 a.m. Just looking at it was pretty daunting. Even though I knew from previous years the stacking wouldn’t take more than an hour (for two of us), all those logs in a giant, jumbled mound sitting in a bed of dust and bits of scattered bark said, “Cancel anything else you planned for the day. I’m the…

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