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Ruby is Riding the Rollers!

Some days I miss rollers. Here’s me eight years ago. I loved that the London house had narrow hallways.

Mostly though I used rollers at the velodrome in the center to warm up. When it was busy, there was no room to warm up on the track.

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Sam on her rollers. The only truly dangerous bit was when a dog dashed by!

I got thinking about rollers the other day when in the same morning the photo above came through my newsfeed–thanks Facebook memories–and I saw Ruby’s Roller Challenge for the first time.

Who is Ruby? She’s a charming confident 12 year old cyclist, who is very popular on YouTube for her roller tricks. Ruby is also a big promoter of riding bikes for people of all ages.

Read more about Ruby here.

Read Riding Bikes with Ruby in Bicycling Magazne.

Here’s an excerpt: “Like most kids, Ruby began riding around age 6. Unlike most kids, she has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram, 6,000 on Twitter, and 3,600 on YouTube. She’s been sponsored by two of the biggest bike companies in the world, first Specialized and now Trek, and was named by a U.K. cycling charity as one of the 100 most inspirational female cyclists in Britain. (She’s also the youngest person ever to make that list.) This past summer, she received a Global Child Prodigy Award, and in October, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson honored her with a Point of Light award, a designation that pays tribute to inspirational volunteers.

Ruby is best known for her astonishing ability to perform tricks no-handed on indoor rollers. She has also interviewed such cycling celebrities as former world champions Peter Sagan and Lizzie Deignan, as well as pop artists like the English singer Natasha Hamilton and the actor Will Mellor.

And all this is because of another thing you should know about riding bikes with Ruby Isaac: She adores it. At a time when the grownups in cycling are busy bickering over blood doping and sock height, Ruby Isaac is out there raising money for charity, getting more people on bikes, picking up litter during her rides—and having a blast along the way.”

Ruby has been up to this for awhile. Here’s Ruby two years ago doing tricks at age 9!