Martha thinks about how we can mix things up

Over the past few years, but really since I started working independently, I realized that I do like structure in my day. To ensure fitness or some movement is a priority in my day, I’ve tried reserving blocks of time for training so they don’t get sucked away by work or family needs.

Image shows roller coaster at night with fireworks in the background. Photo by David Traña on Unsplash

I have a routine too when I train. I know when we will focus on squats and when we will focus on deadlifts. I know how I will warm up and what order I will do my exercises (although sometimes I need a reminder because, yes, I will “forget” my least favourite bits. 🙂

This week my trainer programmed something different for me to work on — a circuit in which I carried out three sets of activities and then rested. She told me she wanted to mix it up a little, and while it felt hard, it also felt good.

A change is as good as a rest the old adage says. This pandemic has meant so much is out of our control that many of us have been working hard to instill stability and consistency in a period where neither seems possible, sometimes day to day, or this week, hour to hour.

I have learned that while routines are great, ruts are not. Mixing things up, even within a structure is perfectly fine. I’m used to shaking things up when I facilitate planning sessions but hadn’t realized how set I was in other areas.

It was a good lesson to encounter this week. I’ve been thinking about where else can I mix things up, and what I will discover as a result. How about you? Have you been practicing a little anarchy amongst the orderly bits of your life? Let us know in the comments.

MarthaFitat55 lives, works, and moves in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.