Sunscreen, Yoga, and Other Tangents

I’ve been finding it hard to get into gear with my writing lately and I have been walking the fine line between ‘distracting myself for a while and then returning to the project’ and straight-up procrastination.

Sometimes, I combine distraction, procrastination, and virtue by taking the dog for a walk. This is useful because it moves me, my brain, and Khalee all at once.

However, as always, there’s a sticking spot. Not a sticky spot – that would be a whole different issue.

In this case, it’s sunscreen.

A small figurine stands on a wooden dock holding a bottle of sunscreen and a towel.
Things have come to a pretty pass when even figurines need sunscreen on a sunny day. Photo source:

I’m not going to argue about the need for sunscreen, I have had enough bad sunburns in my youth (when we would put on baby oil in hopes of tanning MORE) to know that I need it.

But, I hate sunscreen. Absolutely hate it.

It’s a finicky thing to apply. It’s hard to get off my hands. It makes a mess of my clothes and anything else I touch. And I know it mostly soaks in but there always seems to be some left on the surface for me to make a mess with. (and don’t even get me started on the fact that I am supposed to plan ahead and apply it 30 minutes before I go out – I just don’t have that sort of brain)

It’s worth it if I am going to spend a long time outside but it makes for an unpleasant workday if I just want to take a short walk and then return to my desk.

And yes, I could take a shower after my walk but I have usually already taken a shower by that point and I feel conscious about wasting the water. And, since I am the owner of a distraction-prone brain, I don’t necessarily want to add an extra task into my routine.

So, sometimes, I decide not to go for a walk because I can’t face the sunscreen at that point in the day.


Today, as all of the above occurred to me, I veered into procrastination and looked up ‘easy ways to apply sunscreen’ and encountered this marvelous article full of hacks for sunscreen application.

I don’t really see myself applying sunscreen with a paint roller but I think it’s hilarious. I may, however, buy some makeup sponges for sunscreen application and see if it helps reduce any of the static for me.

One of the most interesting hacks, though, is the idea of practicing cow face pose* – gomukhasana – in order to put your sunscreen on more easily.

Now, I am all about anything that gets people motivated to move and to stretch and if easier sunscreen application does it for someone, I think that’s terrific. Yoga for Sunscreen Application isn’t a special video yet (I checked!) but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone developed one.

Two people  connect their fingertips to create a heart shape around the setting sun.
Two people joining hands to make a heart shape around the setting sun. I can only assume that they are both wearing sunscreen. Photo credit: Thanks to Mayur Gala for making this photo available freely on @unsplash


Then, I got to thinking.

What other tasks do you do in your daily life that you could ‘train’ for by doing a specific exercise?

Yes, I know about functional fitness and how useful it is

And, of course, I have done physio rehab for specific injuries and tasks.

But I’m thinking of something way more specific and task-related – for minor annoyances in your day-to-day life.

For example, my ‘cupboard reach’ exercise from the Wakeout app might be making it easier for me to reach a little further into that top shelf of my cupboard. The logical thing to do might be to use a stepstool or to not store things that high but the idea of training for that reach is fun to me.

Perhaps another yoga pose could help you to reach behind you to put stuff in the pouch of the driver’s seat in your car?

Or a specific exercise could help you strengthen your hand to hold your hardcover book?

What do you think? What minor frustration could you deal with through a specific exercise?

Follow me on this tangent and add your suggestions in the comments.

Meanwhile, I’m off to take the dog for a walk – sunscreen and all.

*See it here:

6 thoughts on “Sunscreen, Yoga, and Other Tangents

  1. I also hate sunscreen and avoid it for short trips when ever practical. My trick is having a parasol. Can get a little juggley trying to walk 3 dogs, pick up poop and handle a parasol, but other than that it’s pretty practical!

    1. Oooooh, a parasol! I sit under an umbrella on my deck but I hadn’t thought of taking one with me!

      Thanks for reading. I’m sorry that I missed these comments until now.

  2. Try aerosol sunscreen; much lighter and easier to apply; just be sure not to breath it in!

    1. I didn’t see the comments on this post until now. Sorry about that! Thanks for reading.

      I have tried aerosol sunscreens and I keep missing spots! I am apparently hopeless when it comes to sunscreen – ha!

  3. I hate sunscreen too. I’m not just pale, I’m also sweaty, so it runs everywhere, always, including my eyes and my mouth, and it conspires with my sweat to create a horrible, sticky layer of disgustingness on my skin. Ugh.

    1. Oh, Bettina! I didn’t see the comments on this post until now. I’m glad to have your company but I’m sorry you are in the ‘hate sunscreen’ boat, too.

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