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It’s 2020 and dad bods are in the news again

Thanks Zac Efron! His new show, Down to Earth, is all over my newsfeed (confession: I haven’t seen the show) and I read that viewers are “swooning over his facial scruff, chest hair and lack of a defined six-pack.” See Zac Efron’s ‘dad bod’ transformation on Netflix show shocks fans.

Once again, on behalf of muscular but not chiseled women everywhere with strong abs hidden under a layer of fat, I want to ask, The dad bod? Fine. But what about the mom bod? .

FWIW, Tracy also thinks it’s not exactly egalitarian: The “dad bod” thing: not fair!

And my latest “what about mom bod?” post was Would a mom bod + rescue dogs calendar sell? Why not?

I don’t think I have anything new to say.

Just once more with feeling, WHAT ABOUT THE MOM BODS?

There’s lots of love for Efron all over the internet with a special emphasis on his love of carbs! Again, that’s great. He does look pretty good. But can you imagine a woman celebrity being praised in these terms? I think we should start a #mombod trend for all the muscular not chiseled hot women out there.

4 thoughts on “It’s 2020 and dad bods are in the news again

  1. Where is it? Where’s the example of a Mom-Bod Calendar? I even checked out your link…no mom-bods there. I think you (women) should put up some examples if you want to start a trend. Just sayin’ 😉

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