Push Ups As Ego Boost

I participated in a company organized workout via Zoom, today (led by Maneki Fit). Typically I do my Zoom workout a few times a week with my regular gym. The company organized workout was scheduled around the same time as my usual workout. I wasn’t sure if I should do it, or follow my regular routine. I’m glad I shook it up a bit. Not because I don’t love the typical workout I do with Move Fitness Club. But, because it’s worthwhile to switch it up every once and awhile. Also, today felt like a bit of an ego boost. I am not above admitting that an ego boost can go along way in amping up the good feels derived from a great workout.

The Move workout typically involves 2 or 3 sets of EMOMs (every minute on the minute) or Tabatas, along with a warm-up or a cool down. We use whatever weights we have around at home for a lot of the exercises. It’s always a good, sweaty workout.

The Maneki workout was a warm-up, followed by 5 sets of 3 exercises (100 scissor jumps, 8-10 push-ups and 12 sit-ups). That’s it. Simple. I love repetitive things, whether in exercise, baking, making pasta, etc. Especially simple moves.

I was one of the few participants on the Maneki workout with my camera on. Since I am used to being on camera for the Move workouts, I wasn’t worried about it. I think many of my colleagues were not as used to participating in virtual workouts, so they chose to be off camera. So, the coach was often calling out me and a couple of other people that he could see on camera.

If I were doing Bulgarian split squats, or step-ups, it may not have been a good opportunity for my ego to shine. But push-ups and sit-ups and scissor jumps. Right up my alley. And the coach noticed. He called out my great form for the push-ups a few times. He liked the fact that I used one of my weight plates for the sit-ups. I enjoyed the shout-outs. I enjoyed being recognized for being good at these fitness things. It helps remind me, when I still have Imposter Syndrome, that I am a dedicated, and regular exerciser (still not sure if athlete qualifies).

Who couldn’t use an ego boost these days? A reason to feel as though you are not in an exercise plateau. Because things are starting to feel a little too similar day-in and day-out. It’s nice to have a distraction from the idea that maybe you are not doing enough in the world with the talents you’ve been given.

That’s it. I enjoyed the ego boost today through fitness. I hope you enjoy an ego boost today or soon, in whatever form it comes in.

Nicole P. is riding a wave of happy push-ups today.