Inside Voices

Ring, ring, ring. Hello? Body? Whatcha doin’?

Just been flopping around, dragging from one prone position to another mostly? Ya, I know, it’s been a time.

What’s that? Yes, things are stiffening and there’s that weird thing where you don’t eat anything for 10 hours, unless you count coffee as a food.

Ya, well you don’t ALWAYS have to finish that project before you are allowed a sandwich. Yes, I remember those chicken mushroom crepes too. We could check to see if they are still in business. Yes, that would be nice.

Hey body, do you think maybe you’d consider moving a little more? No no, I don’t mean running. You hate running, especially when you are totally stressed out. I mean, maybe something that’s good for you, a strength/balance sort of thing.

Well, yes I know you’ve kind of had it with pre-recorded videos. No no, I’m not suggesting some kind of weird app. I was thinking maybe of a person, like a trainer?

Is it on Zoom? Well, yes, everything is on Zoom. Yes, I did read the last post we wrote, I was there, writing it. Yes video is not real life but body, that SI joint isn’t going to lubricate itself. I think you need some help.

Well, I heard that Cate’s trainer is online. She’s smart and funny and loves a puzzle. You know us, we are a bit of a puzzle. What do you say?

Hey body, you okay? You sound like you are about to cry (and I would know, seeing as I’m right here). Well of course I’ve been paying attention to what we’ve been doing to ourselves. It’s not been great, all this sitting still and slouching and general malaise. No, I was not intending to march us into age and immobility without so much as a glance back. I was just very very very bummed out. Yes, I know, it hurts and not just the stiff SI joint. I’m sorry, I really am, this has been hard on both of us.

Okay I will email her right now. Twice a week? Done, for a few months. Let’s see what’s happening and then we can make some more choices.

I’m glad I checked in too. I’m sorry I was ignoring you so much. This all just sucks so terribly.

Yes I can feel you are hungry. We should go eat something. Of course there will be cookies. I know, I love you too. Really I do.

A picture of a Fisher Price telephone toy with an old time circular dial and a cute face on the front.
Who remembers this phone? I pulled this thing around for most of my childhood and so did my children. It’s still in my mom’s basement.

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  1. Miss you and can’t wait until we can ride bikes together and eat all the things. Think of you often when we’re in the backyard and think, we can do this six feet apart, soon. Hugs.

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