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Book review: Felicity Cloake’s “One more Croissant for the Road” – food and cycling in France

Being in lockdown has left me, like others including Sam, with time to do more of some things, including reading. I’ve always been an avid reader, but in pre-Corona times other “extracurricular” activities occupied more of my free time than they do now. Given the dire situation in the real world, I’ve also given in to the temptation of reading as a form of escapism, and what better way to go somewhere when you can’t go anywhere than a travelogue?

“One more Croissant for the Road” caught my eye one day early in the lockdown as I was looking for a light and joyful read. The premise is extremely enticing: Felicity Cloake, a British food writer, decides to explore the culinary joys of France over a summer. She picks out 21 classic French dishes and decides to visit each one at its place of origin… by bike. The result is a highly entertaining dash across the country and a lot of eating, some of it – but not all – delicious. From Boeuf Bourguignon to Tarte Tatin, Felicity Cloake makes it her mission to try all of it, often on several occasions. In between, her trusty green bike and bright yellow panniers battle many a hill and zoom along many a country road (and some dual carriageways, too). All of it is interspersed with a second quest, that for the perfect 10/10 croissant.

It’s definitely more food than sports-focused, but One more Croissant for the Road makes for great quarantine reading. In addition to her light and humourous writing, Felicity Cloake includes recipes for each dish, so you can expand your lockdown cooking adventures if that’s your jam (see what I did there?) and you can manage to source the ingredients.

If you want to know more, here’s the official blurb from the publisher.

8 thoughts on “Book review: Felicity Cloake’s “One more Croissant for the Road” – food and cycling in France

  1. I’ll have to find this book. The premise sounds like a dream. Across France on a bike and food. Thanks for the suggestion! This would be my dream vacation.

    1. Hi there– I just ordered it online from Blackwell’s (a UK bookseller), which does free shipping to the US. In case that’s helpful…


      1. I read it on my Kindle actually, if you have one and are happy to throw money at Amazon, you can check if it’s available in your Kindle store.

  2. This sounds refreshing and fun, Bettina! Thanks for offering us a nice way to escape/journey to somewhere lovely. I just ordered the book (it should be coming sometime in May) and am looking forward to reading it.

  3. Felicity is an excellent food writer – her “master class” in the Guardian weekend is a must-read. Her lemon drizzle cake is the ONLY pastry I can make reliably that is genuinely dynamite. Bettina: I covered it in a layer of marzipan for Easter and we all just about fell over it was so good.

    Also, the best croissants in France are at Du Pain et Des Idees, about which I now feel compelled to write a short post (it’s related to cycling I swear!!).

    Thanks for this!

    1. That cake sounds amazing Kim! I don’t bake much but your description is giving me second thoughts :). And yes, please to a post about the best croissants in France – I can’t wait!

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