#StayAtHome Sam looks different

Sam’s collection of #wfhlife t-shirts

As you know I’m not much of a fan of working from home. But I’m here along with most of you, doing it.

I appreciated Cate’s #wfh words of wisdom and advice. I was glad to hear that she doesn’t go with the standard advice of “dressing professionally” at home. For me, wearing comfy clothes makes it easier to get up and walk the dog or do a bit of at home yoga.

I’ve started taking pictures of my many and various t-shirts, tagging them #OOTD and #wfhlife, and sharing them on social media. See here.

I’m also not using much hair product (it’s pricey), wearing make up, or putting on jewelry. Who is this person and what have you done with Samantha?

Also, and this shocked even me, I worked out the other day in a sports bra! I know. Wild.

I wouldn’t ever ride outside in a sports bra because of sunscreen and fear of skin cancer. But I’ve never taken a spin class in just a sports bra either.

I’ve always said I didn’t do that for reasons other than body shame or caring about what others thought. And yet here I am, when there is no one around, Zwifting in a sports bra.

Funny that.

How has your #wfh look, if that’s a thing you’re doing, changed from your usual look? What do you wear to work out at home?

Sports bra Sam

8 thoughts on “#StayAtHome Sam looks different

  1. I like your tshirts. Most of my tshirts aren’t super comfy right now because I had built a lot of muscle over the past year in my shoulders/lats/triceps and now I have a thin layer of additional flesh over them, so I’m busting out of them like a 1940s comic book weakling-turned-thug. So I’m wearing workout gear about 90% of the time, with a collection of thin hoodies. I don’t know how I’m ever going to go back into clothes with waistbands and non-athletic shoes.

  2. I like your sports bra! Bright and colorful.

    For me, it’s important to change out of the clothes I slept in, but not that important to dress “professionally.” Some (most) days, I want to wear casual and comfortable clothing; some days I want to wear slightly nicer-looking dresses and skirts (which are still reasonably comfortable). Of course, as a graduate student, it’s not like I was dressing very professionally or formally to begin with.

  3. I love working in leggings and a hoodie at home! Mostly because as my pregnant belly grows, other trousers are becoming more uncomfortable to wear. And I wear only a bit of mascara and eyebrow gel instead of ‘proper’ makeup.

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