Pleasant surprise!

Like many people, I’m frantically preparing for at home exercise. Well, except for riding which I’ll still do outdoors, alone. I’m going to post about the plan but I’ll do that Tuesday when it’s my regular day to post.

Today though I just want to sing the praises of Power Tube Plus and tell you about my pleasant surprise. It’s not just that they have black models though that was a pleasant surprise too it wasn’t the biggest one.

Sarah and I were in the sports store, buying a kettle bell for at home kettle bell workouts, when we decide to browse the other at home exercise options. We already have a TRX and we’re drilling a TRX hook into the living room ceiling this weekend. But I’ve liked using power tubes in the Playground circuit fitness class at the university gym.

I looked at the shelf and guessed about which one would be the easier one. and I even joked to Sarah, in advance of checking, that it was another case of gender stereotyping because of course the box with the woman on it would be the power tube with less tension.

But guess what, Fit is a Feminist Issue readers? IT WAS NOT! Really, the box with the woman on it was the cable with more tension that’s harder to use. 4 is more tension than 3. I kept smiling all the way to cash register and I bought the box with the fit woman on the front even though it may in fact turn out to be too hard for me to use. (Ignore that folly. There are other people in my house. It will be used.)

I find as a feminist interacting with the world that there aren’t that many times that the world pleasantly surprises me. This was one. Mini-rejoice in an otherwise brutally tough week of work.

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