ParticipACTION! Get frisky!

I was tempted to try out the ParticipACTION app on my phone. I like Google Fit but there’s the Evil Google issue and frankly I’m getting bored.

So I loaded up the new app and embarrassed myself on public transit. The “better sex” ad popped up on my phone for all the crowded subway world to see.

*Blush* I’m easily embarrassed.

Aside from the information pages that pop up there’s not much exciting to report. It borrows my step count from Google. Except the weird frankness about sex and other bodily functions.

Here’s their ad text: “Want to Sleep Better, Happy Better or even Poop Better? Then get moving! It’s easy with the new (and FREE!) ParticipACTION app, designed to help you fit physical activity into your busy life and reward you with great prizes. Get the app and see how Everything gets better when you get active.”

Poop better! Sex better!


There are also prizes.

But those are for meeting your step goals (yawn) not for pooping or sexing better.

2 thoughts on “ParticipACTION! Get frisky!

  1. The frankness about pooping and sexing is surprising, but I kind of love it. I checked out their website and enjoyed seeing the focus on all the benefits of getting active without a single mention of weight loss.

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