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hanged pair of white leather figure skates
Image shows two white figure skates hanging by their laces. Photo by Thomas Laukat on

By MarthaFitAt55

We have had a lot of snow these days followed by rain which was followed by ice. As the kids say, lather, rinse, repeat.

It has made walking and navigating the city challenging. My partner broke his leg last week when he slipped on some black ice lurking on a salted walk way.

It got me thinking about prevention and protection. While a pair of skates might seem more fitting, we don’t always need them. Some days you might need hip rubbers, some days skis, and maybe the skates, all in the same day. 

Image shows a pair of legs dressed in black pants and wearing bright red boots by Olang.

These are my favourite wet and icy weather boots. They have built in crampons and they are bright red.

I’m lucky I can afford a couple of pairs of boots. To be honest, there are lots of things I don’t buy so I can have good boots.

But even with good footwear, stuff happens. I have learned how to walk like a penguin to keep my balance and my centre of gravity aligned. I’ve learned to creep slowly and steadily, taking my time and looking ahead.

One winter, I knew four women who slipped and broke bones. I’ve learned falling on ice can be riskier for women because our bones can become more brittle as we age.

Moving to a place where there isn’t any snow and ice is not an option. So I have started to think about what else I need to do, not just to be safe outside but also how to strengthen my bones with exercise and thoughtful nutrition as I age.

Functional fitness helps with the everyday. I’m thinking now about what else I need to do to support aging with continuing strength.

What are some of things you do to increase bone strength?

MarthaFitat55 lives and writes in St. John’s.

2 thoughts on “Staying upright …

  1. Impact training definitely helps….if you can do it. Also, I got my first MIL a pair of yaktrax that she could slip on to her shoes whenever she needed them. They were pretty handy in Iowa winters!

  2. Yoga so good for flexibility and strength as we age. As my fave iyengar teacher says: we do yoga so we can get off the toilet when we’re 75!

    Also, Martha, tell me where you got those boots!!!

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