Intentional movement

By MarthaFitat55

Inspired by my experience with the workplace challenge last fall, I joined a virtual group dedicated to 220 workouts in 2020. While I have not worked out every day since January 1, I have been inspired by the other group members to do more every day.

jamie-street-d6ktmgxv6e-unsplashA workout is defined loosely but essentially means you do something intentional and makes you move your body consistently for a period of time. It can be anything you like from biking (real or virtual) to yoga and all points in between. Members post what they do (every day or not) and there’s lots of encouragement.

What I like about this process is the lack of pressure and the collegial nature of the group. People share sometimes an aspect of their workout and it’s been really interesting to see all the different ways you can move your body with purpose.

Thursday I decided I would track my steps while I did laundry — collecting, carrying, sorting, loading, unloading and folding. In a 45 minute period (it’s the aftermath of holidays!), I achieved a steady level of activity and took more than 3000 steps.

Given our winter days when it is often too slippery to go out safely for a long walk, I can still do something consistently to get my steps in and meet my goal for intentional movement every day.

I’m also back at the gym and have added a weekly yoga class; weekends will see me swimming now that the pool has been up and running again. I’ve chosen these external, structured activities to meet different goals — more focus to my weight training, greater attention to stretching and flexibility, and social time with my husband. While they will add to my total workouts for 2020, they also meet my personal goal of ensuring I keep putting my big rocks in first for my time.

How about your dear readers? Have you taken on a fitness challenge? What atypical fitness activities are you engaging in daily or weekly to get your fit on? Please share in the comments!