Looking into the future and Sam’s new year plans

It’s winter and my short term goal is to make it through and have some fun. That means fat biking, Zwifting at the Bike Shed, and learning to teach indoor cycling. Making it through our winter will also involve some time somewhere warm where I can ride my bike. In that spirit I’ve committed to the #31DaysofWinterBiking January Challenge.

I’m also continuing personal training and strength training. It’s winter and so that means hot yoga a couple of times a week too. If I can’t make it to hot yoga I’ll join in with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga.

Medium term, I’m thinking about summer cycling, sailing, and canoe tripping. So far I haven’t made many plans but I need to if things are going to happen.

My slightly longer term goal is to get into shape for total knee replacement surgery next year. What’s that look like? Knee physio, knee friendly leg strengthening, and weight loss. I’ll count all the exercising in the 220 in 2020 group. See Alice’s post about that group here.

I’m starting to think about distance goals for riding in 2020. This year Strava tells me I rode 2321 kms in 2019. That’s much less than in years past but it also doesn’t count my commuting. 5000 km seems too ambitious. Maybe 4000? I’m mulling.

My big stretch distant goal is to pounce on the post surgery knee physio and get back to some distance hiking and walking. And dancing! Must not forget dancing!

Eventually I’ll need to have both knees done so this will all require patience and lots of hard work. I’m up for it. “Focus” is my word for the year and that’s why.

One thought on “Looking into the future and Sam’s new year plans

  1. I like focus. A knee replacement will be huge, and hopefully will lessen your pain.
    Weight loss…sigh. Me too. I cannot seem to get myself under control…
    Happy new year!

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