Cate’s holiday cycling adventures: Phnom Penh to Kep

Cate is biking in Cambodia over the holidays. Here’s day 1 of her adventures. Reblogged from her personal blog.

I started my 9 day bike trip in Cambodia today. I was all excited, though still toting around some jet lag and fatigue. But today was 48 km — piece of cake, right? (Or, weird banana mango spring roll).

Two of our guides with young monks peering over at us

Well, it was frigging hard. For reasons — started in midday heat, all rutted super bumpy dusty roads, fat tire mountain bike I’m not used to, spent the morning in a van and at the killing fields. Despite my natural affinity for pondering suffering, a sign saying “do not walk on mass graves” isn’t exactly energizing for a hard ride. It makes me want to sit quietly and hard, just being with the reality of being human.

I’ve spent a lot of time riding my bike and walking in poor countries with chaotic and painful histories. I’m always struck at…

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