Update: December Anchoring

By Christine Hennebury

My days have gotten that hectic that I have stopped keeping individual day lists in my bullet journal. I’m just making lists of what seems important next, just like the Octopus’ sign says.

It’s December 9th and, so far, my idea to use a daily warm-up to anchor myself has not been going as planned. Despite that, I think things are going okay.

My plan was to do yoga and the warm-up video as early as possible each day. That way, I would have a little space to myself in my hectic schedule and I could use that as an ‘anchor’ in my day.

However, my December days have been a jumble for a variety of reasons and I don’t think I have followed the same schedule two days in a row.

Between sleeping poorly, driving people to appointments and exams, and some work challenges, it just hasn’t been possible to get up and make that space first thing in the day. And, if I can’t do it first thing, it seems to take most of the day to get to it.


I have gotten to both yoga and the warm-up video each of the nine days so far.

And I am really loving it.

I really enjoy the simplicity of the video. The production and the exercises themselves are very straightforward and that works for me.

Obviously, I could do a 5 minute warm-up without a video but I probably wouldn’t. And if I did try to do it myself, the minutes would probably crawl by. Following the video means I can enjoy the movement without having to track my time or my reps.

And, I probably wouldn’t do the same variety of exercises either. This warm-up works my whole body and I especially like how the top of my back feels after I finish a 5 minute session.

Even though I have often ended up doing a daily warm-up at 9pm, it still helps with my goal of creating a little space in my day that is just for me.

And, it’s a little bit of extra movement that feels good and grounds me in my body.

That sounds like some useful anchoring to me.

An anchor on a dock. Photo by Unsplash.