Most read posts of all time on the blog

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All of these posts have been read (ok, well looked at, or clicked on) more than 10,000 times each. That’s pretty exciting for academic authors. We’ve also come a long way. When Tracy and I first started writing here, back in September 2012, we didn’t expect more than family and close friends to follow along. But our writing struck a nerve, it seems. And now an active community of writers, guests, commentators etc has grown around the blog.

The blog is now very much a team project and Tracy has stepped away from the day to day of it all. However, the most popular posts of all time were written by Tracy and me. That’s because they’ve been around the longest, they turn up first in searches, and later posts often link to them. By the way, that’s true too for academic writing. My earlier papers are the most cited because they have more years of citations in the bank. My most cited academic papers are from 1997 and 1999.

That said, it often amazes me how much staying power these older blog posts have. Certainly they’ve been read lots more than any of our academic writing.

In case you’ve missed them, here’s our list of “greatest hits” from the early days of the Fit is a Feminist Issue blog. The number besides the post is how often is been read.

She May Look Healthy But…Why Fitness Models Aren’t Models of Health, 84k    

Precision Nutrition’s Lean Eating Program: A Year in Review, 52k

Finding clothes to fit athletic women’s bodies 46k

Crotch shots, upskirts, sports reporting, and the objectification of female athletes’ bodies 41k

The Shape of an Athlete 41 k    
Padded sports bras and nipple phobia 38k    
“You’ve Lost Weight! You Look Great!” Isn’t a Compliment 31k    
Why the “Thigh Gap” Makes Me Sad 28k    
CrossFit and women’s bodies: It’s complicated 28k    
Intermittent fasting and why it might not work as well for women 21k    
Raspberry Ketone, Pure Green Coffee Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Weight Loss, and the Fallacy of Appealing to Authority 19k    
Bike seats, speed, and sexual depravity 17k    
I hate you Weight Watchers 13k    
Fit, Fat, and What’s Wrong with BMI 12k    
The women of CrossFit 11k    
On going commando and athletic clothing 10k    
Thigh chafing and the joys of summer 10 k    
Six Things Sam Loves about Rowing and Six Things She’s Finding Challenging, 10 k
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  1. So interesting, not just to see the actual posts, but the topics are ones we’ve returned to again and again. It’s good to keep revisiting some of these, as the issues certainly haven’t gone away; far from it! Thanks for posting them (and y’all writing them in the first place…)

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