Dear slow walkers, Sam apologizes for the impatience of her past self

My apologies perhaps should have their own category here on the blog. I’ve apologized for saying “if you don’t love it, don’t do it.” I’ve also apologized for saying it’s never too late. That’s not always true. I’ll never run again and it’s too late for me to make marathon plans (or even 5 km plans.)

I haven’t searched for old status updates on Facebook but I’m sure I’ve said impatient things about people who walk slowly.

I don’t even want to look. Past me was a speedy walker, albeit one with short legs, and I got frustrated with slower walkers. I especially got frustrated with slower walkers using their phones.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and I’m embarrassed. I’m the person that other people come up behind on the sidewalk. I can hear them approaching. Sometimes I hear them sighing. I often have to listen to their conversations. I wonder about stepping out of their way but there is often only one path clear through the snow and I can’t risk falling.

The thing is sometimes I’m even checking my phone. I’m walking pretty slowly these days and I get bored and it’s a pace that for me allows for checking messages. Sometimes I even stop and take photos. It’s my halfway to work break!

On the bright side, the happy side, I’m walking again. I walked more than 3 km everyday this past week. Wow. It hurts still yes but there’s not the kind of take your breath away excruciating pain I did have.

I walked in New York, 5 km one day and 3 km the next. This past week I walked to work at least one way every day. It feels exciting to be moving again even if I’m slow about it.

Here’s photos from my walk to work:

4 thoughts on “Dear slow walkers, Sam apologizes for the impatience of her past self

  1. Question for you. When walking in snow and ice, do you use something like traction cleats or do your boots come with them? I, too, am a slower walker. I have just went through 8 surgeries in 7 months on my right leg, and I am worried about walking in the snow/ice and falling. Any suggestions based on your experiences, please?


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