Sam is waking up in Munich to bikes in the sunshine and beautiful bright leaves

Sure I’m still jetlagged and sleepy. But today I started to feel a little bit more alive. I asked questions in the talks at the conference. I sat outside in the sunshine and smiled. I’m having a wonderful time in Munich. There are really good papers at this conference and really interesting people here presenting. I’m meeting colleagues from all over the world. And I got excellent feedback on my talk which I’ll be rewriting as a chapter in the edited volume we’re putting together. Exciting.

There are also little things to enjoy such as delicious apples and salads in glass jars at lunch time. Since Martha asked, I’ll tell you, the dressing was also in little glass jars. No plastic in sight.

What else is making me smile? There are brightly coloured leaves everywhere. There are also bikes and bike lanes (so many bikes!) and I’m already thinking I need to come back. Maybe I’ll bring my Brompton next time.

I’m not moving here though despite what social media thinks.

First LinkedIn offers me German health insurance for my big move. Now all my Facebook ads are for German classes.

The latter might come in useful.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

Alcohol free white beer!

2 thoughts on “Sam is waking up in Munich to bikes in the sunshine and beautiful bright leaves

  1. I love everything about this post! Munich at this time of the year is amazing. Back when I was in academia, I was a guest lecturer at LMU for a few years and I fondly remember lunch breaks in the beer garden in October…

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