Almost Over (But Not Quite)

Usually, by the time I’m coming to the end of one of my short challenges, I’m tired and kind of sick of posting about it.

This is not the case with my ‘September is for Yoga‘ challenge! 

Instead I’m finding myself with feeling that I’m just getting started.  I feel like I’m just beginning to explore around the edges of what yoga can bring to my life.

I like the way my body feels. I like how I’m moving. I like the fact that yoga feels available to me as a stress relief. 

And I enjoy checking in every day with the group, sharing a yoga monster drawing, and giving our gold stars.

A white index card   covered in  twenty  seven-shaped monsters  in multiple colours. The words  Day 27  are written above the monsters.
My monsters for Day 27. No, there aren’t 27 monsters, there are 20 seven-shaped monsters.

Yes, I do think I’m funny.

I think I have finally found a level of accountability magic (more to come about that in a later post.) 

Basically, everything about this process feels good – the yoga, the group, and the results.

I’ll post about yoga one more time this month but don’t think that that will be the last time I have something to say about it.

Our group has decided that October is for yoga, too. 😉