After years of mocking the game, Sam discovers that golf can be fun

Be brave enough to suck at something new

For years I’ve said no to golf. I’d rather be hiking or riding my bike. It’s a sport for rich people. It’s not for me.  “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” And then there is the environmental impact of golf courses themselves.

I’d look at people playing golf as I rode by on my bike and think I’d made the better choice. (Actually, I think that is true still.)

Once a year, at Guelph, the Board of Governors of the university organizes a golf tournament for the board and the senior leadership team of the university at Cutten Fields. Last year I had a crisis that needed dealing with and there was no golf for me. This year, no crisis. Golf instead. Surprise, surprise, I liked it.

A very old drawing of a woman playing golf

Now I wasn’t very good at it, my first time out. But I got lots of coaching from my teammates and got better over the course of the afternoon. We played 9 holes using the “best ball” format which meant that my team wasn’t penalized for having me along. Everyone else had played before and two of the people on my team were very good.

I liked it as a social workplace event. It was a good way to get to know some of the board members. It was also fun being outside and doing something active. On top of all that though, I liked the challenge of trying to hit the ball and make it go where I wanted it to go.

I also got to experience the full gamut of golfing weather. It started out hot and sunny but then big rain clouds moved in. Out came the golf umbrellas. We got wet but kept on playing.

My biggest challenge was when it came my turn to drive the golf cart! That’s a hilly course.

Oh, also what to wear. There was work before golf and a dinner after at the golf club. I went with leggings and a cute summer dress with a blazer over top and running shoes. That worked.

Also a challenge, finding my ball. Luckily the more experienced golfers were better at following my shots to where the ball ended up.

By the end of the afternoon I decided that it would be a lot more fun if I actually knew what I was doing. There may be golf lessons in my future and some time at a driving range whacking buckets of balls one by one.

What’s your view about golf? Love it? Hate it?

A golf ball with a women’s symbol with a raised first inside.

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