Sometimes the right dog just comes along, #InternationalDogDay

by Christine Hennebury

I was never planning to have a dog – I’m allergic- but Khalee came along just as my son was in need of a pet.

The funny thing is, she has decided that I’m her alpha and she takes every opportunity to protect me and keep me company.

So, I have found myself with company while I work, company while I sleep, and company while I do yoga. Downward dog takes on a whole new meaning when I have an actual dog sniffing my face.

I love the little extra impetus to get out for a walk and it’s fun to watch her sniff her way along all kinds of familiar trails.

And it’s hilarious when she tries to protect me from bugs and birds.

I know lots of people for whom being a ‘dog person’ is part of their identity but that hasn’t happened to me.

I’m just a person who loves this particular dog. 

And now I have an excuse for all the time I spend talking to myself. Ha!

Thanks for protecting me so well, Khalee Pup!

And a shoutout to Reactine for keeping me from sneezing my head off.