Not too hot, not sweeping: A perfect day’s ride from Toronto to Port Hope with the #f4lbr

The beginning. All the riders gather at a park on Church Street in Toronto besides the 519 community centre.

I’m writing this blog post in a bus to Toronto on the way home from Port Hope. I’m here with David and Sarah and all the other one day riders taking part in the one day version of the bike rally.

A three person selfie at the Port Hope sign.

We had a terrific ride. It was all things perfect. Sunny but not hot. A really cool wind off the lake. A tailwind! We made it in record time. Lots and lots of personal bests. I’ve done the bike rally six times total and this was by far my fastest and easiest day 1. At least one year, though it feels like more, I was a sweep on Day 1 which is really tough. But not today.

I teared up several times today though during Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s words to the bike rally. I teared up again on the way home reading her blog post about hard things. Please go read it.

Here’s Steph at the opening ceremony.

We’re living in really tough times and the intentional community that is the bike rally is warm and welcoming and generous and caring. It’s not really about riding bikes to Montreal. There a lot of people involved who aren’t riders at all. Together–rustlers, road safety, riders and more–create this beautiful thing. For a day, I felt weight lift off my shoulders. The world has pockets of good and strength. Bike rally, I’ll be back. I need you in my life.

The most important thing? All the riders, one day, three day, and six day, and the crew, have collectively raised more the 1.5 million dollars for the Toronto PWA Foundation.

You can still sponsor me here. Please sponsor Sarah here. Thks blog readers who’ve already contributed. It’s really appreciated.

Me. A post ride no filter selfie. Phew!