Lessons I never learn

I have a small pile of shirts waiting to be returned. Pretty much, almost always, they are XLs that are too big.

Why do I have them? What’s up with that?

Reason 1. I hate trying on clothes.

Reason 2. Online shopping.

Reason 3. I have to be XL. I can’t believe I’m merely L.

Reason 4. If it’s an L that doesn’t fit I often keep it aspirationally. (Bad idea.)

Reason 5. Since I started teaching fashion and fashion ethics, I’ve become fussy about countries. Fast fashion, sure. But also expensive designer clothes. I buy but then I think about it and return them.

Sending them back!

One thought on “Lessons I never learn

  1. Don’t get me started on European sizing for cycling jerseys. Or even American descriptions like race fit, form fit, club fit, relaxed fit. Signed, someone who also hates shopping.

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