Her new bike is teaching Bettina the waiting game

I’m not known as a patient person. Once, I dared to express to my partner the notion that I wasn’t totally impatient. He laughed for about 10 minutes. But right now, my new bike is really teaching me the waiting game.

Because it’s taking its sweet time to arrive! I ordered it in March. I was told early May for delivery. In mid-April, I got an email asking for a bit more patience, because they were having delivery issues with the frames of the batch my bike was in. Then, at the end of May, finally, the frames arrived at the manufacturer’s! My bike is being assembled now (or so I hope) and I’m waiting for them to call me any day now to tell me it’s ready to be picked up.

This is the beauty I’m waiting for, in a different colour.
(Photo of an elegant-looking grey gravel bike in front of a black background)

I’m growing more impatient by the day! The weather is amazing now and I’m so excited to finally start riding! To keep up the good spirit, I’ve slowly been kitting myself out (a cycling top here, my first ever pair of bike shorts there…), and reading and learning from my fellow fit feminist cyclists about what an aspiring member of their crew needs to survive. A lot, it turns out: water bottles, spare tires, a mini tire pump, a multi-tool… Sam has a super helpful post from some years ago that covers the basics – thanks for the public service, Sam!

And I’m trying to keep myself busy doing other things, and riding the bike I already own. I’m sure there’s a learning opportunity in this. Any other tips on how to stay patient? Any other excited new riders out there this season?

5 thoughts on “Her new bike is teaching Bettina the waiting game

  1. That new bike looks fantastic! Are you planning on riding it off-road as well? I have a gravel bike (Salsa Warbird) that I bought used from a friend, and I love love love it. It will take some tweaking after you get it– getting proper fit, getting a saddle that works for you– but once you and it are settled in, it sounds like you both have a fun summer of riding ahead. Congratulations (well, when it finally comes to your house…)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I do plan to ride it offroad sometimes. We have a lot of forest around here with paths that aren’t paved, but they’re not little trails either, so I wanted the option of riding it on those. Also, the road that goes to my work is a secondary forest road with a lot of potholes and I figured that was a bit risky with a road bike. Great to head you’re so happy with your gravel bike! That’s encouraging :).
      I’ll get it fitted when I go to pick it up, and they measured me for a saddle when I ordered it, so hopefully not too much tweaking will be required once I FINALLY get it!

  2. I’d be pretty annoyed with a bike being delayed like that at this time of year. Unless you’re in a warm climate (which it doesn’t sound like you are), there’s a limited amount of the year that you’re going to use it, which they’re cutting into with the delay. If you didn’t have another bike, they’d be stopping you from riding at all during prime riding season.

    1. I’m not happy about it, that’s for sure! But what can you do? Shipping problems are shipping problems… and a lot of bike companies seem to be struggling with deliveries this year (though I have no idea why). I’m somewhat mollified because the weather in May was mostly horrible around here, so I wouldn’t have ridden much anyway. But yeah, I’d really appreciate it if they could get a move on.

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