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Sam is Celebrating 100

I’m trying to work out 219 times in 2019. Truth be told I’d like to work out 300 times in 2019 but I likely won’t make that. But today was a milestone either way. Today I hit 100. Yay!

Where does that out me? If keep exercising at this pace where will I be on the last day of 2019?

Let’s do some math: Today Thursday May 16, 2019 is …Day 136 of 365 days. After today there are 229 days remaining in this year. Or to put it differently 36.99% of the year has gone. Doing some quick back of the envelope math–as they say? but who says that anymore? who does that these days? Well, I did–that means by year’s end, working out at the current rate I’ll make it to 268 workouts in 2019. More than 219 but not quite 300. And that’s fine.

But back to today and my 100th workout. What did I do? I walked Cheddar with my neighbour Judy and her dog Cooper. It’s spring and the neighbours are outside again! And then I got on my Brompton and biked to my office. It’s sunny and warmish and I’m smiling!

6 thoughts on “Sam is Celebrating 100

  1. So, do you count that as one workout or two workouts? My back-of-the-envelope math would calculate it as two.

  2. Woohoo, well done for no. 100! It sounds like a fabulous one too. Yay for pink Bromptons and sunny days!
    By the way, I literally did some back of the envelope planning just last week. Envelopes aren’t dead, long live the envelopes!

  3. Yay for 100!
    After an intense start to the year (relocating interstate for a new job that is very challenging) I am back on the 219 in 2019 track. I just hit 50. But I can still get there. And, I have started a run streak – which I would never have even thought to do if it weren’t for Team FIAFI! So thank you! Blogging about what you do makes others think ‘hey – I could probably have a crack at that too’.

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