Here at Feminist Philosophers…

From 2013-2017 I blogged pretty regularly at Feminist Philosophers. They’re closing their virtual doors and while I understand it’s making me sad. I went to “like” their recent post and accidentally reblogged instead. Here it is!

Feminist Philosophers

As we announced April 23, Feminist Philosophers is shutting down. This is one of a series of posts by FP bloggers looking back on the blog and bidding it farewell.

I began my first ever post for Feminist Philosophers on June 4, 2012 with the following words: “Here at Feminist Philosophers, we love…”

It doesn’t matter how that sentence ends. What’s striking to me about it now is that in my very first post for a blog that had by then already existed for five years and had already received about four million site views (not a spitball; I just looked it up!), I was cocky enough to make myself perfectly at home in this way.

Some of that was no doubt due to my own bravado, but I think that a larger reason why I acted at home in my first Feminist Philosophers post is that by…

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2 thoughts on “Here at Feminist Philosophers…

  1. I’m sad they’re stopping also. The post was saying that they didn’t think a blog was as effective a tool for discussion. I am also sad to read this, as I find this blog to be provocative and fun and helpful in raising issues and providing a platform for lots of women to express thoughts, engage with ideas, and develop points of view.


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