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Life in the fast line: Self care isn’t all pedicures and massages

Sometimes it’s vaccines and x-rays.

The university is open but the students aren’t back and classes don’t begin until Monday. Because the work week began on Wednesday, after new years, I don’t have my regularly scheduled meetings. Instead, I’m sneaking in catch up stuff.

On the weekend I got my hair cut and coloured. Last week I had my eyes tested and got new glasses. Yesterday I took Cheddar to his new vet. And then in the afternoon I went the doctor and renewed all my prescriptions.

I also did some extra health care chores. Yesterday afternoon was a toe x-ray and the shingles vaccine. Life in the fast lane. I don’t know what’s wrong with my toe. It’s the same one that would, when I was running, randomly shed its toe nail. Now it’s all crooked and sore. Broken? Arthritic? Both? Here’s hoping the x-ray tells all.

The point here is that we sometimes think about self care in terms of luxury goods and services. And okay the hair colour is a luxury but the health care stuff wasn’t. Often it’s taking the time to give one’s own health priority, amid family and work demands, that is what self care is really all about.

Jean Gerber. Unsplash. A time lapse photo of traffic on a road in South Africa.

7 thoughts on “Life in the fast line: Self care isn’t all pedicures and massages

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I need to book an eye appointment… caught myself taking my *reading* glasses off to look closely at something, so it’s time for stronger ones, I think.

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  2. Good stuff. Self-care is too often positioned as something that involves spending too much money or ‘beautifying’ yourself. My self-care is going to bed in the afternoon with a book.

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