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There are no words

That’s what a friend said when this ad appeared in her Facebook newsfeed.

She’s a boxer so the targeted ad sort of makes sense.

Except not. Her words: “What even is this?” Boxing gloves for women who want to protect their manicures.

I can’t imagine her getting her nails done and needing her boxing gloves to accommodate that. I mean, there aren’t many women who box and I’d guess there’s an even smaller number who box and who get fancy fingernails.

Niche product.

And gender is a very weird thing.

That’s all I’ve got to say.

2 thoughts on “There are no words

  1. Sorry on this item, but I used to be a boxer (French boxing), and I always had a manicure, a very short one by taste, but had I liked longer nails, I would have found this type of gloves helpful
    And I usually sigh at gendered products like screwdrivers, drills and so on for women

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