From CBD Melbourne to Phillips Island (87 km + a ferry)

The blog’s Cate Creede is riding her bike in Melbourne. She wrote about it on her blog and I’m reposting it here.


So I was in yoga class at the beginning of November feeling a yearning to do … something. “What do I want to be doing right now more than anything?… Riding my bike somewhere warm.”

My defining image of perfect riding was my trip across Latvia and Estonia last year — carrying everything I need and nothing more, by myself, with a clear, ambitious and doable route through land I’d never seen before. The perfect balance of serendipity and enough planning that I’m not anxious about where I’m going to sleep that night. I pondered possibilities and landed on Australia — and me being me, I had the bike and the flight booked within 3 days.

Yesterday was the first riding day, from the centre of Melbourne to this little seaside town on Phillips Island. I rode 87 km in total, the first part entirely along the sea, me and…

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