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I want to go fall riding!

Photo of bright, red fall leaves with rain drops. I have an ongoing love/hate relationship with work travel. And I do a lot of it in the fall. This weekend is Connecticut and then London. I’m here in Storrs to talk about micro-inequities. On Sunday Tracy and I take the stage at Wordsfest to talk about Fit at Midlife: A Feminist Fitness Journey. Next weekend it’s Boston. But after that I’m done. The travel is a fun part of academic life. It really is. I’ve been to lots of beautiful and amazing places. But it eats up weekends as can take away from family time, hobbies, fitness pursuits, laundry! When I wasn’t Dean I’d often take Monday off after a weekend away. I’d do the laundry, cook a nice family dinner, go to the gym. But deans don’t get to do that. I’ve got a full slate of meetings when I return. I’m still bike commuting on weekdays but when I’m away on weekends I miss my long rides. My plan is to ride on the weekend when I get back. I won’t ride in the rain when it’s cold but I’ll ride in the cold. I’m hoping to catch a glimpse of the last of the hall leaves and ride just as fast as I feel like riding.

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