Yoga. Practice.

I’m challenging myself to do yoga* every day in November.

Many of the writers here at Fit is a Feminist Issue are already very fit and have a consistent fitness routine but I’m not quite there yet.

I am moderately fit and I can keep up at Taekwondo but my commitment to consistent, regular movement varies. I am still working toward the point where daily exercise is an automatic part of my day.  

I may not be consistent (yet) but I am PERsistent and that brings us to today’s post.

As much as I had hoped to be very fitness-focused these past two months, I have ended up doing bits and pieces of exercise all over the place. A few pushups here, a walk there, some yoga one morning, my Taekwondo patterns another. I’ve attended TKD classes but I have had to miss a few.

I’m okay with all of that , I have been juggling a lot of things and had a lot of pop-up tasks and it won’t help things if I start being mean to myself about not managing to get more exercise in.

I don’t enjoy this haphazard approach though.

It’s ‘good enough’ but it doesn’t increase my feeling of well-being very much.

I end up feeling kind of scattered. Not a feeling I enjoy.

I want some consistency. I want more physical ease. I want more fun.

And THAT brings me to daily yoga.

Just me and my mat, at home, every day.

A rectangular, light brown cork yoga block sits atop a green yoga mat that is decorated with lighter green flowers. Dark brown floorboards are in the background.
My yoga mat and my cork block await me.

I want to do other movement, too, of course, but yoga is the right answer for right now.  

a) I like short term project commitments (a month of something feels do-able for me).

b) I find it easier to do something every day than every once in a while.

c) I don’t need to be wearing something specific to do yoga.

d) I can do yoga first thing in the morning without waking anyone else up.

e) I can do it right before bed without waking myself up.

f) And, most importantly, it doesn’t just feel do-able or manageable, it feels necessary. I WANT to do yoga daily.

Of course, going from no specific practice to a daily practice will be challenging, I know that.

That’s why I’m keeping my expectations low.

7 minutes** or 7 poses. Every day.

Care to join me?

*I’d like to acknowledge here that my measurement of whether or not I have ‘done’ yoga for the day will be if I have done asanas, the physical aspect of a yoga practice. I am working to develop my practice in all 8 limbs of yoga but that does not lend itself to measurement or to public discussion. I just want to be clear that I understand that yoga is more than stretching on a mat.

**My choice of 7 minutes comes from two things. 1) I like the number 7 and 2) Kara Leah Grant’s book Forty Days of Yoga.

13 thoughts on “Yoga. Practice.

  1. I will join you! I’m aiming for 20 minutes because I’m dealing with some knee and hip weirdness and that long a practice keeps me in my body more fully and I’m kinder to it the rest of the time. Xxc


  2. I would love to join in.
    I practice most days. And I believe I encoroprate all the limbs of yoga into my life all the time. Because as a life philosophy it calls to me deeply. Like an old memory.

    But my physical practice could use a little home boost. 7 minutes seems doable!

    When are you starting? Today?


      1. Ok
        I’ll make 7 minutes tonight for 7 poses. I like the idea of holding a pose for a minute.
        Then tomorrow I will get up 10 minutes early. I have fallen out of my morning routine. This will motivate me!

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  3. Hey everyone– I’m in! I’ve been doing yoga several times a week, but haven’t had the oomph to get on my mat every day. And I know I feel better, happier, more powerful, more everything when I do this. The 7 poses idea is great; 7 is a lovely number. I’ll probably do more, but even 7 will count. Yesss!

    By the way, legs in the air is now my new favorite restorative pose; I like it even better than legs up the wall. I put a block under my sacrum and lift my legs in the air, and they rest there very relaxedly for however long I want to stay. I admit I love love love inversions, and it helps my ankle feel better, as well as reduce the swelling from my recent DVT. I can even do some ankle exercises from this position.

    Thanks so much Christine, for suggesting this!


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