I Have a New Bike and I’m All a Flutter

You know that feeling when you buy a chocolate cupcake, a nice one from the gourmet shop on Mainstreet and you haven’t had your first bite? It’s just sitting there on the plate or napkin, perfect, fully cupcake.

That’s me and my new bike. It’s perfect, waiting, in my basement, un-ridden as my imagined cupcake is uneaten. I have had no moment when the time of day, whether and work has coalesced into a bike ride. I have had this bike for 1.5 weeks. My mouth is watering. Let this weekend show me mercy and May I ride my NEW BIIIIIIKEEEEEE!!!!Grey Trek road bike

This is a horrible picture of my beautiful Trek Domane endurance road bike. It is grey with red accents and, as yer, un-ridden. It is a shame,like an uneaten cupcake

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