Four worries Sam has about intuitive eating (reblog)

Yesterday Tracy re-blogged her ode to intuitive eating and while I’m really happy it works for her and I’m glad that her days of disordered eating are over, I’ve got lots of worries about intuitive eating. Here’s my list!

3 thoughts on “Four worries Sam has about intuitive eating (reblog)

  1. I like that we have some different experiences with things. I know I am an intuitive eating evangelist but I also know it’s not for everyone. Through the experience of blogging for the past six years I’ve come to realize that there is no one right way, not everything works for everyone, even things that seem attractive may not work out for everyone who is attracted to them.

    1. Sometimes it feels like one more way I’m a failure. Not just fat, fat b/c doesn’t eat intuitively! Doing all the things wrong. I know you’re not intending that but when it comes from a thin person–who to my eyes has always been thin–it can feel like a judgement. I know you well enough to know that’s about me not about you but still.

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