Who does what around here and when but not why: Fit is a Feminist Issue schedule (updated April 2019)

We’re more than six years old! That’s very old in blog years. We’ve come a long way since the early days. Back then it was just Tracy and me and few hundred followers. We were amazed when we made it to 500. Now 20,000 is within sight.

These days it’s a different place, a more communal place. We started out focused on the Tracy and Sam’s ‘fittest by fifty’ challenge but now that’s in our past and the blog has a lot of regular other voices, telling different stories. Nat, Susan, Cate, Martha, Catherine, Christine, Kim, Bettina, and Mina all blog regularly here. It’s a terrific community of bloggers. I love our conversations, those we have on the blog, and those behind the scenes too.

We also have occasional guests. More than 200 since we first started. And then there’s our regular commentators.

We’ve also got our Facebook page (that’s mostly me, Sam, with help from other FIFI bloggers,) Twitter as @FitFeminists (that’s Tracy) and an Instagram account that lots of us post to, fitisafeministissue.

I love the book that Tracy and I wrote but I worry sometimes in the shorthand version of things that journalists write (been there, done that myself) the gap between the blog and the book goes missing. What’s the gap?

First, just time. The blog is current. I’m clearly not the person I was when I wrote the book. Hello injured knee and changed perspectives! Tracy isn’t doing triathlons these days. Of the three multisport activities she’s fixed her sights on running. We’re not 50 these days. Both Tracy and I are 54.

Second, community. The book is the story of Tracy and me and our challenge. But the blog is so much more. The blog contains our story but also the stories of Nat, Susan, Cate, Martha, Catherine, Christine, Kim, and now Bettina, and Mina. Catherine blogs every week. Cate nearly as much.

Thank you everyone for being part of our blog community!

Anyway, here’s the latest version of our blog schedule

Mon morning: Sam

Tues morning: Tracy

Wednesday morning: Sam

Thursday morning: Tracy or #tbt


1st Friday morning of the month Martha

2nd Friday morning of the month Cate

3rd Friday morning of the month Martha

4th Friday morning of the month Susan


1st Saturday morning of the month Nat, #SatWithNat, and first Saturday afternoon of the month Mina

2nd Saturday morning of the month Bettina

3rd Saturday morning of the month Cate

4th Saturday morning of the month Christine

Sundays: Catherine (Weekends with Womack!)

If you’re ever interested in guest posting here at Fit is a Feminist Issue, drop me a line at

In addition to the regular blogging community, there is room for guests.

Here is the note I send guests.

Thanks for your willingness to join our community of guest posters at Fit is a Feminist Issue.

Posts usually range between 500 and 1000 words. If your post is really long it might make sense to do it in several parts.

First and foremost we’re a feminist blog and we expect guests to share that perspective. We also usually incorporate a personal perspective in our writing, even if that’s the history of what made us think about the thing we’re writing about.

We also are a body positive blog and we try to keep the diet talk down to a minimum. Lots of us are critical of diets, the long term odds of success, and the beauty standards beneath lots of fitness ideals. We’re more about doing things we love and sharing athletic, rather than aesthetic goals. That said, we don’t all agree about all of these things and “big tent feminism” is part of the charm of the blog.

We try to use accessible language and write with a sense of humour, where appropriate. We especially try to avoid ableist language. For example, we don’t say “crazy” or “lame.” Here’s a link to alternatives

Where it makes sense include links to further resources.
You must include a short bio at the end.

The way it works is that you submit the post for review and I edit it lightly (mostly for grammar and spelling and adequate paragraph breaks). I schedule it. I also add photos. You can email pictures to me,

Contributor status means that you can’t add photos. After a few posts, we switch you to author status and authors can add their own photos and schedule their own posts.

Note: If you are adding your own photos and video, pls be sure to provide image and video descriptions for the visually impaired. All non-text content should have a text alternative that provides an equivalent meaning as the image. Read past posts for some descriptions of the images in the posts. Best practise is for the image description to go in the alt-text field which you can see when you edit the photo. You can put the image description in the caption as well if you have space. Captions are also useful for photo credits Finally, giving your photo a descriptive title makes it easier for search engines to find.

Please share your guest post widely to let your friends and social media followers know about the blog. We’ve got some excellent regular commentators and if you could check in on your post and reply to them that would be great.

Yay! And thanks for contributing!



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  1. Thanks, Sam — I really appreciate both the foundations you and Tracy laid and the layers and layers added by all the voices and broader community, both bloggers and commenters.

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