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Petty makes me fast: A runner’s confession (Guest post)

by an anonymous academic runner

“Just a tiny brag. I ran a tempo run at a 5:33 pace last night, which is waaaaaay faster than I’ve ever done. 3.01km in 16:39. It felt so good to move that fast.

It felt good too because I was running right alongside the two very young statisticians, one of whom is nice enough and the other of whom is nice enough but very very annoying and loud in the vein of Dora the Explorer and said to me, after she asked what I researched and I replied “social media,” “Oh you mean NARCISSISM” and so I won’t let that woman run faster than me if it kills me even if she is 20 years younger than me.

Petty makes me fast.”

2 thoughts on “Petty makes me fast: A runner’s confession (Guest post)

  1. I think I’m getting faster over the years because I don’t want my brother who is almost 9 years younger than me to beat me. I’m his big sister…..I should be better and stronger than him……even if I’m turning 38 this year. 😉

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