Bike to work with us! #biketowork #biketoworkday #biketoworkmonth #bikemonth

Related imageJune is Bike to Work Month and we kick it off with Bike to Work Day. That’s Monday, May 28th. See here.

Tracy kicked if off early and blogged about it today. She’s back in the saddle again!

I’ve signed up for the Guelph Bike to Work Monday and hope to win some prizes and meet some fellow cyclists.

Some of us at Fit is a Feminist Issue are celebrating Bike to Work Day on the blog by sharing photos of ourselves and our commuter bikes on the blog on Monday. (And we’re also biking to work of course!)

Want in? Send me a photo of you and your commuter bike. Include your name, kind of bike, where you live, how far you ride and one other fun fact about you and biking to work.

Email Sam at Looking forward to seeing your bikes. And you too, of course!


One thought on “Bike to work with us! #biketowork #biketoworkday #biketoworkmonth #bikemonth

  1. Cool! I don’t bike to work because 1) school is out right now; and 2) work is 40-something miles away (depending on route). But I do bike to most appointments these days, so I’ll send in a pic.

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